You know you’ve had a good wet ride when you sit at your car wringing the water out of your socks. My ride today in the Pentland Hills was just one of those.

Today I had to travel up to Edinburgh for work and take a variety of items with me in my car. So I decided to also take my bike and stop off for a couple of hours ride on my way up. This left me with the dilemma of where to ride; it wasn’t a dilemma for long though as the weather forecast made up my mind. With lots of rain hitting the UK throughout the morning and the north clearing first, it only made sense to drive all the way up and then go for a ride.

Rainbow over the reservoir
Rainbow over the reservoir

So having already been out in the Pentland Hills previously and enjoyed myself, a second visit was clearly on the cards. Unlike my previous visit though this time it wouldn’t be sunny clear skys and dry trails. It’s been quite a wet month here and following the morning rain there would be plenty of lying water around; oh and the river crossings would be more ‘fun’.

That's where you ride across
That’s where you ride across

It turned out to be one of those rides where, in order to really enjoy it you had to accept the fact that you were going to get wet. It did actually rain for a short while mid way through the ride but the amount of water that came down onto me was easily outweighed by the amount of water that came up. It became apparent that this would be the case very early on as I turned a corner and found the trail itself had become a stream, fortunately the surface here is majority rock, stone, scree etc, so there’s very little battling through thick mud.

This wasn't a stream last time
This wasn’t a stream last time

I had a fair bit of time, so I fitted in 2 loops of a ~15 km route that I’d done before. It’s a loop that is ridable and enjoyable in both directions, but today I got the impression that my choice of anti-clockwise was the less popular option. At least I passed several riders going the other way and saw none joining me.

All in all, it was a good enjoyable ride. Just under 30 km, 14.5 km/h average and 300 m of climbing; not forgetting the great scenery. Certainly makes a change from the flat evening rides I have at home around Peterborough. I ditched the new SPDs in favour of my flats on this occasion and I just hope that it doesn’t take too long for my waterproof trail shoes to dry out! And yes it doesn’t matter how waterproof your footwear is if the water comes in over the top, hence how I came to be wringing out the water from my socks!