I couldn’t post a review of 2013 without following up with a preview of 2014 now could I? So what’s on the agenda for my MuddyGoose this year?

Considering last year I did 3000 km, I decided that I needed another similar challenge. I received some suggestions of what to do and these included a climbing challenge; i.e. total km travelled upwards, but I decided that would be too difficult to gauge an achievable target for. So in the end I have opted for another distance based challenge and will be cycling the 2014 Tour de France. By that I mean, I will be cycling the same distance as the tour but spread across 2014. This year’s tour is due to be 3656 km in length, so that’s my distance challenge.

Le Tour 2014
Le Tour 2014

So is that it? No, of course not. Sometime, just before Christmas the following video was posted onto the Mountain Bike Rider Forum, giving me plenty of food for thought!

No. 1 requires me to have enough available cash so I think that one will have to wait, although if you look at my current spec for MuddyGoose then you’ll notice that it has almost entirely been upgraded anyway, so it’s kinda like having built one. No. 4 also requires cash and it requires significant free time too, so that’s not for this year!

I’ve ridden at night and I’ve ridden in the snow (2 & 3), but I haven’t done trail centres in either, so I would like to chalk those off; the snow one will require the weather’s help though. So one challenge for this year is to ride a trail centre at night (i.e. in the dark with lights!).

A bit of snow
A bit of snow

I’ve explored new trails before (6) and often they’re not the most exciting; but I do enjoy the idea of exploring and going to somewhere new, when you’re not sure what you’ll find. Crossing a mountain range and riding to the sea (7 & 10) sound like fun but I think they will keep for another year; maybe an epic covering those two and No. 4 would be good.

That leaves ride a race (8), visit a bike park (9) and sleep next to your bike (5). Of these I think I’ll take No. 5 for this year. A summer visit to one of the national parks with friends and bivi bags would be a good way to achieve this one. I quite fancy the North York Moors, I can imagine there are some decent rocky outcrops to sleep by, providing shelter.

So to recap, my challenges for 2014 include:

  • Cover 3,656 km total
  • Ride a trail centre at night
  • Sleep next to my bike

Let’s see how that goes!

Is it all about challenges though? Of course not, there are other things that come and go each year. I would like to go on an organised ride with the guys on the MBR forum. I would like to buy a road bike and do some road riding. I have revamped this blog, this part is done already so I hope you like it. And there will be other things that just come up along the way, all blogged about on here of course. So for 2014 keep following MuddyGoose and enjoy your riding, I know I will.