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Superstar Components CNC Nano Thru Pin Pedals – Review

It’s been a good few months since I bought these but better late than never in the old reviewing stakes, I guess.  So here’s my 6 month review of my newish Superstar Components Nano pedals in grey.  I got them before Christmas in a special offer, for the valuetastic price of just £25.81.  Down from the usual selling price of £36.99.

Continue reading “Superstar Components CNC Nano Thru Pin Pedals – Review”

Big NYM mtb trek on the horizon

So far my big rides have been up to 6 or 7 hours long. However, I always like to push things a little further each time. How’s 3 days sound?

Roseberry Topping
Roseberry Topping

For a couple of years now I’ve fancied riding off into the North York Moors and exploring the trails over several days; making a big loop of the area. So that’s the plan that I’ve put together. Continue reading “Big NYM mtb trek on the horizon”

Introducing my two new cycling blogs

…and so a new blogging tycoon is born…
…even more for you to read & enjoy… Continue reading “Introducing my two new cycling blogs”

A watery visit to the hills

You know you’ve had a good wet ride when you sit at your car wringing the water out of your socks. My ride today in the Pentland Hills was just one of those. Continue reading “A watery visit to the hills”

Watch this little dude and marvel – Seth Sherlock

So far almost everything on this blog has been self-created. This on the other hand I just had to post, just because it’s so impressive!

How do I keep my bike clean?

The straight answer to this question really has to be, “I don’t”. But of course if I left it there then this really wouldn’t be much of a blog post, would it!
So what am I getting at here? Well first off as a mountain biker you have three bike cleaning options as I see it. Continue reading “How do I keep my bike clean?”

Feeling Invincible – Awesome ride in the Peaks

This week I managed to get out and have a ride in the Peak District. This was partly in preparation for the British Heart Foundation Peak District MTB Challenge. I wanted to have a bit of a practise on the terrain as it’s far more technical than anything I can ride locally. I also wanted to test my ability to climb the hills with my new single chainring setup (more on that another day). Continue reading “Feeling Invincible – Awesome ride in the Peaks”

A tale of two rides

First off, I’d like to just write a disclaimer – I never regret a ride and I enjoy them all in at least part. And even the less enjoyable parts are at least ‘character building’. It’s just that, sometimes there are better rides and sometimes there are ‘don’t think I’ll do that one again’ rides.

The Ride Details
The Ride Details

Well last week I had one of those ‘won’t go there again’ rides. I had arranged to be home late from work and to go riding ‘somewhere’ between work and home. The area around work is more fun as home doesn’t have any hills, so I have ridden a lot near work. On this occasion I decided to park in a familiar location but head off in a different direction to check out the bridleways north-west of Luton. Continue reading “A tale of two rides”

Exploring the Pentland Hills

Another work visit up to Scotland took me to Dundee this time rather than Glasgow. So having heard about the Pentland Hills and finding an old pull out route from MBR I decided to base myself on the edge of Edinburgh for my trip, rather than going all the way up to Dundee.

The Pentland Hills
The Pentland Hills

I had to visit another customer in Redcar first so I got a good chance to ride in Guisborough Forest and the North York Moors again earlier in the week on my way up the British Isles. Then I drove up to Edinburgh and had my first ride in the Pentland Hills that evening. My second ride was on the following evening after completing my Dundee visit. Continue reading “Exploring the Pentland Hills”

Little work trip to Scotland – 101.33 km of riding fitted in.

A lot of riders head off to their favourite trails at the weekend. Not me, weekend riding is pretty much limited to family rides around the park or short late evening blasts around the village, so I try to fit in whatever trails I can at other times. Fortunately my job takes me all around the country and I can piggyback some riding around my work quite easily.

The West Highland Way
The West Highland Way

So this week I’ve been up in Scotland. Tuesday and Wednesday in Glasgow to be more precise. With this already planned I decided to add a day off on Thursday to my itinerary. So with MuddyGoose packed into the car, I set off to Glasgow. Continue reading “Little work trip to Scotland – 101.33 km of riding fitted in.”

More Moors… Riding in the North York Moors from Lastingham

As opportunity should have it I got the chance to ride out into the southern side of the North York Moors on Tuesday afternoon last week. So I picked Lastingham as my start and finish location and headed north.

The Endomondo Route
The Endomondo Route

Lastingham is a small village so you shouldn’t really have any issues picking up my route. The bridleway out north into the moors is an extension of High Street, you simply ride up High Street and keep going, through the gate and onward up onto Spaunton Moor. Continue reading “More Moors… Riding in the North York Moors from Lastingham”

The big ride through the Chilterns, north of Luton.

A while back I decided to take off a day in July to match a mate’s days off in his shift pattern. The purpose of course was to hit the hills somewhere and ride for the entire day. Having had a similar very enjoyable day at the Forest of Dean trail centre riding around the Verderer’s Trail back in March we considered another trail centre but as I’ve ridden most of the ones that are within easy reach we eventually decided to ride some bridleways, roads, tracks etc that could be mapped out on the OS maps. Somewhere close(ish), with hills but not too big, that I hadn’t already ridden.

The route on the OS Getamap site
The route on the OS Getamap site

So I got onto and came up with a ~50 mile route through the Chiltern Hills to the north of Luton. Taking in South Bedfordshire and parts of Hertfordshire around Hitchin. The parts closest to Luton I had ridden before during my lunchbreaks and as part of my multi-mode commute so I was quite familiar with them and which way to ride them for the best descents and most challenging climbs. I was also familiar with the Rowney Warren woods near Shefford and that we could happily park the car there, so all I did was be adventurous about plotting a route to join the two together, trying to avoid roads wherever possible and creating a loop so we never had to double back on ourselves. Continue reading “The big ride through the Chilterns, north of Luton.”

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